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Executive Escape: “From Burnout to Brilliance”

For career driven professionals, managers and CEO’s who want to be more successful with a relaxed feeling.

 Welcome to Executive Escape if you want to take control over your life again in the new year. This retreat is for you as a high achiever who wants to reclaim the own power to thrive in every part of life. If you want to reconnect with your ability to feel energized, have focus, and live the life you desire. Become the person again who can choose how to live a blissful life and then actually create it, make it reality.

You know you can do it but you have the feeling that things “just happen” in and around you without having any influence on it .They block your success at work, your family happiness, your relationships and maybe even your health. What really happens underneath is that stress and your own believes are standing in your way of creating that dreamlife.
When you lower stress levels and can transform your old blocking believes you can take back the power of creation. You claim back your real power and energy to take the right actions so you can transform your whole life.

Feel reconnected with yourself again, feel empowered and successful, stay relaxed whatever happens in your life. It is in this state that you can live your full potential and be happy, with yourself and your close relationships like your spouse and your kids. Success comes from within and when we are connected with that place, our heartánd our mind, the possibilities to create whatever we want, are limitless. It leads to a thriving life in every part that you wish.

Executive Escape is your possibility to get to that place within, in a relaxed state where you do feel your power, your love, your highest potential and your enthusiasm, full of energy.
This retreat isn’t just a getaway; it’s a meticulously curated experience designed to align your body, mind, and spirit with the vibrant life you’re meant to live.

You will get to know your (unconscious) blocking believes and be able to change them in empowering believes so you can use those to thrive in your total life. Learn how to deal with your daily stressors so you can transform them into possibilities to find and create new pathways of success and happiness. Leading to the lifestyle you desire. Give yourself the biggest present you can ever give: yourself…… in an environment where you can transform, feel nourished and start creating a life you only dreamed about.

This is for you if:

  • You yearn to break free from energy consuming patterns and want to feel energized again
  • You know you are very strong but don’t feel the connection with it anymore
  • You’re ready to combat stress and its debilitating effects
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions
  • You seek support and guidance in your healing journey
  • You’re exhausted from living your life for everyone else, and it’s well past time to fill your own cup, rediscover yourself, and reclaim your joy + vibrance

What to expect :

  • A Balanced Mind-Body-Scan (quantum frequency scan) to get clarity about your energylevels and blocking believe system befóre you go to the retreat
  • Find outscience-based facts about your limiting believes and what you need to do to change your mind, body and gut to create a balanced lifestyle
  • Experience how REAL RELAXATION feels again
  • Learn how to quickly transform stress into energy andstrength for personal and business growth
  • Daily heartcoherence exercises and training, using the Inner Balance Sensor, to reduce your overall stresslevels
  • Because of prework (the Balanced Mind-Body-Scan) you will experience deeper results during the retreat
  • Feel spoiled in Luxury Lan Sabai with stunning rooms and great service

What to gain :

  • Feeling replenished, recharged, empoweredand reconnected
  • Reconnectionfromheadandheart
  • Practical tools how to reduce stress instantly to your desired level
  • Confidence that you can handle every kind of situation that comes your way in a relaxed way
  • Techniques how to turn old blocking believes into creative new believes so you become the creator of your desired life
  • You know how to turn overwhelm into focused actions
  • Increasedself-confidence
  • The great feeling you will never go into a burnout (again)
  • Deluxe Swag Bag



Each day we start and end with a heartcoherence meditation.

Each participant gets a 1-1 coaching moment during the retreat.

Each participant gets 1 massage and an energy reset from the Scan.

Saturday Arrivals, welcome, get to know each other, pool time.
Sunday Qi-Gong, morning group work, lunch, circle work, afternoon free time for spa etc, dinner,heartcoherence, free time
Monday Deep dive circle work, lunch, Mindset Coaching, free time, dinner, night market trip
Tuesday Qi-Gong, Mindset Coaching, lunch, Meditation walk on the beach, free time, dinner, circle work
Wednesday Big Buddha trip, lunch, circle work, dinner, night circle
Thursday FUN DAY! Half day Boat trip, beach, dinner, circle work, sound bath
Friday Qi-Gong, morning group work, lunch, closing circle and departures.


Lan Sabai Wellness Resort, Phuket Thailand

Lan Sabai is an award-winningboutique retreatcenter where you can reconnect to yourself and detach from all your stress so you can have a deeper transformation. A place to reconnect with nature in the heart of paradise, recharge your energy, and come home to yourself.

This great center is awarded as the Best Luxury Wellness Retreat Center, close to turquoise seas and white beaches. It’s a retreat space founded on fair, sustainable, and natural materials, with a key understanding of the needs of her guests and respect for the natural environment.

Lan Sabai is committed to retreat leaders and retreat-goers who, like us, imagine a world where sustainability and wellness work to bring positive change to one and all. It’s to support your tribe and care for the local community of Phuket. It’s a retreat space founded on fair, sustainable, and natural materials, with a key understanding of the needs of retreat leaders and respect for the natural environment.


  • Balanced Mind-Body-Scan session of 1 hour, online as pre-coaching
  • Post-retreat coaching 1 hour to anchor your journey
  • Luxurious accommodations with a private pool and chef-prepared meals
  • Inclusive excursions to Phuket’s sacred and natural wonders
  • Private shuttle to and from the airport and retreat center
  • Concierge on hand 24/7 for all your unexpected needs
  • All exercises and group activities including Qi-Gong, yoga, sound bath, meditations, Kundalini, and more!


    • Airfare
    • Insurance
    • Additional Booked Massages
    • Personal Expenses
    • Staff Gratuity
    Carla Jansen van

    Carla Jansen van Rosendaal

    Carla Jansen van Rosendaalis the international burnout expert and life mind creation coach from the Netherlands. She stands as a beacon of transformation for entrepreneurs and professionals, besieged by stress and burnout. Her background as an ex-nurse and Bio-Energetic Therapist has evolved into a profound mission as a Life-Mind Creation Coach. Carla’s journey, marked by personal battles against limiting beliefs and stress, illuminates her path to helping others embrace a balanced and thriving existence.

    Carla’s approach is deeply rooted in the transformative techniques of Heart Coherence and the Balanced Mind-Body-Scan (Quantum frequency scan). Heart Coherence is a groundbreaking method that aligns thoughts and emotions, promoting emotional stability and resilience. This technique involves a non-invasive test to synchronize heart rate and breathing, revealing deep insights into one’s emotional state and stress levels.

    Carla Jansen van

    Lisa van Roode

    Lisa van Roode is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Art – The Hague, Netherlands. Fashion was a natural fit for my imaginative, unorthodox, and intriguing nature. I quickly rose to the top. Challenging cultural assumptions as a buyer, agent, and fashion designer with an office in Shanghai. After 25 years, I stepped away from fashion to launch a fair-trade homegoods brand, which also succeeded. Yet, along the way, I was troubled by what I saw in socially, mentally, and spiritually distressed people

    I want to help as many women over 45 as possible with a wellness lifestyle. You don’t have to live on a sunny island for that. Regarding health, I believe in a holistic and sustainable approach, starting from the core in a measurable way. Your body and mind are constantly working together.

    Our mind is so powerful that you can also make yourself sick, often by unconscious thoughts that are stuck somewhere in your body. The good news; you can heal yourself too!


    Single Occupancy


    Double Occupancy-Per Person


    Payment Plans

    Customized payment plans are available and can be arranged by contacting Tammy Petersen directly at 312-961-3280

    Travel Assistance

    If you need travel assistance please contact Barbara Khan from Pro Travel, Inc. Ph: 305-361-0707

    Hotel Incidentals

    A credit card must be presented at the time of check in for incidental charges (including spa treatments, additional excursions, alcohol, etc)

    Deposit Policy

    To reserve your spot, a non-refundable deposit of $750 per person is required. The balance must be paid 30 days prior to the start date of the retreat.

    Flight Details

    People need to fly into Phuket, Thailand. Airport code: HKT , Ground transportation is not included in the retreat price.  Please contact Tammy so we can group you together on resort trips.  Round Trip Transportation is extra.

    Roommate Requests

    If you desire a roommate, please indicate this on your form upon sign up. If we are unable to pair you with one, we will adjust your rate to Single Occupancy, and collect the difference one week prior to the event.
    Chris and Tracie Vaughn i9mage
    Chris and Tracie Vaughn i9mage
    Chris and Tracie Vaughn i9mage
    Chris and Tracie Vaughn i9mage

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