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Interested in becoming part of the explosive billion-dollar wellness industry, forecasted to reach 22.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2025? It’s an exciting time to be a luxury boutique hotelier and retreat leader, especially if you’re eager to establish consistent wellness revenue streams.

Tammy Petersen

Let me explain. But first, let me introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Tammy Petersen, a serial entrepreneur. I started my career in luxury marketing communications for boutique resorts nearly 20 years ago, where I grew my business from nothing into a 6-figure agency. Hungry for more and seeing a gap in the industry, my team and I launched a secondary luxury wellness retreat business, marrying celebrity influencers with iconic hotel brands worldwide. This concept developed into a 7-figure business… then Covid happened…

Today, I’m establishing Wellness Marketing LTD, as an integrious, go-to wellness firm. My goal is to deliver luxury boutique hoteliers with highly profitable events while providing prolific retreat leaders opportunities to host unforgettable experiences. My team and I are leveraging years of expertise using the power of publicity and innovative retreat programs with your boutique hotel at center stage.


Wellness Experiences

Keeping up with trends is our priority. Today, post-pandemic, we realize a new demand for community and in-person connection is necessary. Guests expect more than scratch-the-surface wellness experiences. We seek to provide meaningful, interactive, and unforgettable retreats that make an impact on your guests and make a distinct difference in their lives.

Influencer Awareness Campaigns

For more than a decade, the team at Wellness Marketing Limited has been building relationships with influencers and cultivating partnerships with extraordinary wellness retreat leaders from across the globe. Your resort can enjoy the cache of a renowned influencer onsite, audience sharing within your resort’s key demographic and increased exposure.

Perfectly Crafted Publicity Angles

Once our event details are completed, it’s time to execute newsworthy story ideas. Our team will craft angles around the retreat experience and the unique teachings of the leader. We will leverage our relationships with the media and extend coveted writers an opportunity to visit and editorialize this amazing wellness experience

Our Client Reviews

“What a fantastically organized Mexico trip. This company took a lot of time and effort before the trip to make sure we were prepared for activities and it made such a difference. From transportation to accommodation everything was super. I thought this retreat was an awesome value. The excursions were fun and each day was well thought out. The instructors Desi and Natalya were fabulous and fun to be around. I highly recommend this company .”

Maria-Theresia P.

“We had a very good time. The retreat location Palmaia was beautiful and very well maintained. We had a 5 star location which included the service from all the staff. Xanet’ Retreat in Paradise was packed with vital information and exercises to reignite our relationship. Very pleased we attended this event.”

Thomas D.

“Xanet was an amazing retreat leader and the resort was incredible. Everything was beautiful and Xanet was such a skillful intimacy coach. My husband and I thought it was the best experience for us and feel so lucky we went!”


“The retreat was fantastic. It was so spiritual and life changing. The hotel was spectacular. The service, food, accommodations, and spa services were excellent. This place was truly an amazing place to recharge your mind and body. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people. Looking forward to go back next time with my family.”

Claudia H.

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