If you’re wondering how we apply our signature process, the Wellness Success Roadmap, this page outlines the steps that continue to bring success to our global roster of clients. Wellness Marketing Limited offers a variety of external services and behind-the-scenes relationship-building tactics to benefit your property, which includes:

Building Word Of Mouth Opportunities

The pandemic has brought about a need for community and in-person connections. We get it and create even more thoughtful and memorable experiences for guests who yearn to engage with like-minded guests: enjoying spa treatments, guided activities, and getting to know one another over a nutritious meal. Our retreats are much more than healthy living. They are community-building while offering great word-of-mouth opportunities.

Retreat Successfully

Wellness Marketing lives the retreat business. Everything we do, from consistent relationship building with legendary influencers: fitness, self-help, nutrition, and conscious coupling to building a diverse guest list for your property. It’s about delivering successful, strategic wellness programs to our hoteliers with the goal of new business, exponential spa revenue, and word-of-mouth marketing.

700 Travel Agents Worldwide

For over a half-a-decade, Wellness Marketing has been building relationships with travel wellness agents from around the world. Today, our list of agents is 700 strong and still growing. We share the latest news with our agents, who are happy to share it with their clients. It’s what we call our creative circle of marketing, crucial to your success.

Social Media Done Right

Social media is about being social. Wellness Marketing provides you endless opportunities to share socially, leveraging the onsite retreat leader’s tips and quotes, guest stories, and specifics about upcoming wellness events. We get social ⏤ it’s what makes social media a powerhouse for new business.

The Power of Publicity

Listening and understanding what makes your brand story different and effectively sharing these key, newsworthy messages with the media is our forte. Again, our acumen in relationship building extends to the media. Journalists look forward to our queries, knowing our news stories deliver what their readers want. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Website First Impressions

Your website is a chance to make a fantastic first impression, the digital representation of your business. Typically, it’s the first interaction customers have with your brand. In today’s fast-paced scrolling world, people will give you 3 seconds to grab their attention. Is your website attention-grabbing? Our professional staff of copywriters, artists, and website designers can freshen an existing site or craft a new one. The goal is to design a website that iterates your unique brand story and what you offer, enticing potential guests to stop, read and book.