Welcome to Wellness Marketing LTD

Welcome to Wellness Marketing Limited, a tenured wellness marketing agency with a history of success. We are a new breed of agency – flexible, ready for change, and relationship-driven. Our team seamlessly integrates with your external needs, delivering strategy, wellness programming and retreats, resort packaging programs, influencer awareness and newsworthy publicity campaigns.

What distinguishes us is our relationship efforts. We’ve worked diligently for a decade to build key relationships with influencers, wellness travel agents, and hospitality professionals. As a client, you have access to our strategic relationship partners, a priceless value-add exclusive to our member hoteliers.

For a decade, Wellness Marketing has been a leader delivering successful, strategic wellness programs and brand-building publicity campaigns to our hoteliers with the goal of brand awareness, new business, exponential revenue increases, and word-of-mouth marketing. The process below outlines the services we provide to continuously generate success for our global wellness hoteliers

Wellness Experiences – Retreats

Guests expect more than scratch-the-surface wellness experiences. We seek to provide meaningful, interactive, and unforgettable retreats that make an impact on your guests and make a distinct difference in their lives.
Our participatory itineraries include guided activities with esteemed leaders whose work includes, relationship development, entrepreneurial endeavors, sobriety, health, fitness… to name a few. We top these sought-after, bookable retreats off with standout publicity and opportunities for your in-house social media team to generate content and awareness campaigns that our retreat leaders deliver.

Influencer Awareness Campaigns

Our partnerships provide unsurpassed value for your property – your property also benefits from additional exposure through retreat leaders’ marketing efforts. Leaders want to book – so they leverage social and traditional media.  These partnership-building efforts, resulting in sold-out retreats and increased awareness for your property.  Wellness Marketing Limited provides monthly reports to our resort clients featuring impressions that these leaders deliver.

Perfectly Crafted Publicity Angles

Once our event details are completed, it’s time to execute newsworthy story ideas. Wellness Marketing will:

  • Develop the best angle regarding the transformational experience of the event and the unique teachings of the leader,
  • Leverage our favorable relationships with the media, 
  • Extend our creativity to develop and market each event, 
  • Extend writers an opportunity to visit and editorialize this once-in-a-lifetime wellness experience.

Wellness Travel Agents Worldwide

Wellness Marketing knows how vital travel agents are in selling retreats. This knowledge has led to sustained relationship-building efforts with wellness travel agents worldwide. This partnership provides another distribution channel for packaging and retreat programming, sales opportunities, and brand exposure for your property.

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